Connecting with customers – What to write about

How to connect with your customers and prospects by what you talk about.

To get started let’s set up our objectives.  You want to create information that your customers and Connect to Customersprospects really appreciate receiving.  This is different with every business and even within two competing businesses, but the rule still applies:  Think about what your customer would appreciate receiving.  It does not have to be long and the strategy is totally different for each business.  Here is an example:

You own a restaurant.  What are your customers and prospects going to appreciate receiving? Here is a partial list:

  • Specials of the week.  Almost everyone appreciates saving money
  • Special events.  If you cater to parents with children and have something special for the kids let them know.  If you are going to have live music on Saturday make sure people know about it.
  • Personal stories.  If you are the owner, let people get to know you and your family.  They are more likely to eat at restaurants where they feel a connection to the owner.
  • Stories behind the food.  If you just created a new dish and it is healthy, let them know the benefits.

The idea is the same if you run a service business or sell to businesses.  Think about what they would be interested in and tie it into your business.  You want them to associate your business with the things that are important to them.

One of my goals with this new site is to provide resources for businesses that want to grow.  I watch very little TV but LOVE to read and study marketing and entreprenuership.   I’ll be putting together a resource page of the best practical marketers on  earth but today I’d like to pass along one.  J. Abraham on his website says, “Every Business Owner Deserves the Right To Learn How to Increase Sales, Multiply their Profits and Mine Every Hidden Asset and Overlooked Opportunity in their World…”  I pledge to make that happen.  He has helped businesses create 9.4 billion dollars so he is not just talk.  He has a number of free resources available that would be worth your time to download.  In my opinion he is in the top 5 practical marketing people in the world.  Download one of his free resources and let me kow if you agree.

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