Every Door Direct Mail

Getting New Customers Just Became Easier with Every Door Direct Mail.

What is Every Door Direct Mail? EDDM by the U.S. Postal Service is a new Every Door Direct Mail program that allows you to mail postcards to everyone around your business. If most of your customers live or work around your business then this program will benefit you.

What are the Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail?

IMPACT Your message is sent directly into the hands of your prospects and since the postcard is larger than other pieces response rates will be higher than average.

TARGETED You can select specific mail routes around your business.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT The USPS statistics shows that for every $1 invested in direct mail $12.50 is returned in sales.

GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS Many businesses that are using Every Door Direct Mail are seeing their business grow. The percentage varies but 20% – 40% have been reported. Your actual results will vary, but we will help you determine whether this program can benefit you and if so, develop effective materials that will maximize your return.

ABILITY TO TEST The minimum quantity to mail is only 200 pieces so you can test your message before sending it out to a larger audience.

COUPONS You have the ability to include multiple coupons in the offer, which increases the response rate.

MORE MESSAGE FOR YOUR MONEY Because the postcard does not need to be addressed you can use both sides for your offer.

COST Mailing cost is only 14.5 cents per piece and depending on the quantity you print your total cost will probably be less than the postage of a conventional mailing.

The video below by the USPS shows how Every Door Direct Mail may benefit your business.